Achieve Perfect Smile Without Braces. Learn How!

Sep 16, 2019

Many people usually have crooked or misaligned teeth. For straightened teeth, the best option is to see an orthodontist and get braces. The adults with imperfect teeth are not comfortable with the braces. Here are the ways to straighten your teeth without braces.

The options your dentist may offer you are:

Retainers: This includes a custom-made device suitable for your tooth with the help of acrylic and metal wires. They are removable and also noticeable once you wear them.

Appliances: This works by correcting the imperfection of the jaw and are extremely time taking.

Invisalign: This option is a more popular option where a plastic retainer is used which is invisible to straighten the teeth. As the name suggests, these are not the only custom made but are also discreet and works faster than the other options hence making it more prevalent. The process is a simple one where the dentists take the mold of your teeth and crafts aligners befitting the molds and place it in the mouth. These molds or retainers can be removed at the time of brushing or eating. These molds have to be changed in every two weeks depending on the current position of your teeth and the final desired position.

However, there are minor problems that are also corrected without the use of braces.

Limited Overcrowding: If the teeth are only slightly crooked due to a little overcrowding, retainers can be used to resolve the issue without any hassles.

Malocclusion: A small portion of the alignment can be corrected with the help of Appliances adjusted in that position of the jaw.

Underdeveloped Palate: If you have a narrow upper jaw, Expanders are used to widen and create spaces in the palate which ensures dental correction.

Apart from Invisalign, an excellent alternative to the Braces are Dental Veneers. These veneers are also called Porcelain Veneers because wafer-thin, hard porcelain shells are used and bonded permanently in front of the tooth that needs correction in color, shape, size or length.

They solve the issues of-

  • Discoloration caused either by root canal treatments or by stains from chemicals like fluoride.
  • Chipped or broken teeth.
  • Misalignment, uneven or irregularly shaped teeth.
  • Space-related issues where it is used to fill the gaps between the teeth.
  • Also corrects the worn out or old looking teeth.

They are extremely comfortable, long-lasting and reliable in non-staining the tooth and thus it is the most procured method for straightening the teeth. However, a small amount of the tooth structure is removed to allow the veneer to adhere closely and comfortably in the patient’s mouth. These are also cost-effective and are easily available at affordable prices.

Resin Composite materials are also used in Dental Veneers, but Porcelain Veneers are more popular as it reflects better light of the natural veneer teeth in compared to the resin veneers.

To make sure that dental veneers are appropriate for you, your dentist may take X-rays and even make impressions of your mouth and teeth before administering the solution. The dentist removes a slight portion of your tooth enamel which is almost equal to the thickness of the veneer about to be placed on the tooth surface. Then an impression is made of the tooth which is sent to the laboratory about which the veneer is constructed and placed in the desired position of the teeth. It can take up to four weeks for the perfect veneer to be made. The placing of the veneer needs a lot of perfection and hence the dentist examines and cross-examines the veneer multiple times before permanently bonding it to the teeth. The color is adjusted with the help of the cement used. After which a special light is applied on the veneer which ensures its permanence and durability. The process is finally completed by removing the excess cement and making the last adjustments.

These Veneers are neither harmful nor ruin your natural teeth and thus are the safest ways to obtain straightened hassle-free tooth structure.