The Problems Associated with All on 4 Dental Implants

Jan 01, 2022
the problems associated with all on 4 dental implants

Are you looking for the problems associated with all on 4 dental implants? This article provides a comprehensive overview of all issues related to this popular tooth replacement solution. The all-on-four dental implant technique is popular among people who have missing or severely damaged teeth. All on four dental implants are incredibly successful and work well for many people lasting for decades. The success rate of these implants is over 97 percent.

The all on 4 dental implant technique, despite its success rate, has a set of problems witnessed by the dentist near you, who many patients approach asking for solutions to deal with the issues. Although some of the difficulties associated with this technique are related to the quality of the devices, the problems also stem from inadequate care and treatment before the procedure. The procedure for the treatment of all on 4 implants is complicated, and the implantologist must be involved in the process from planning to implant placement. Failure to adhere to these requirements can result in problems including device failure, tissue damage, and additional expenditure for the patient.

Familiar issues witnessed by the dentist in South Houston include:

Damage of Unsupported Teeth Next to the Implant

If the teeth adjacent to the implant aren’t secured adequately, they can crack or break. When coupled with any other type of failure, the cracks of breakages have devastating consequences for the patient. In addition, it results in additional expenses besides damage to the surrounding gums, tissues, and teeth.

Improper Planning before Placement of All on 4 Implants

If the implantologist fails to plan appropriately or consult with the oral surgeon, the implant placement can get compromised irrespective of the quality of devices.

Poor Quality Construction

Similar to other dental appliances, the all on 4 is a branded product. However, several substitutes are also available and used. Low-quality implants also contribute to all on 4 dental implant issues exacerbated by other elements.

Unreasonable Patient Expectations

Implant placements fit differently than natural teeth. Patients who are unaware of the differences and have had missing teeth for a prolonged period are likely to encounter challenges adjusting to a mouth full of teeth. In such cases, patients may find the implant installation unsatisfactory. It is why dental implants Houston, TX, explains the pros and cons of all on 4 dental implants to ensure the patient understands what to expect from their new appliances. Patients may experience bite problems due to the lack of nerve endings in the all on 4 dental implant arch. The lack of nerve endings also results in chewing issues. There for patients must receive advice on how to chew carefully and eat slowly until they develop safe chewing habits with their new teeth. Natural teeth extend from the gums, but the all on 4 implant does not. It can cause the patient to feel the implants are bulky to report problems to the dentist. Advising patients beforehand can prevent potential issues that might arise.

Inadequate Care after Installation

Patients must receive information on the importance of maintaining proper dental hygiene routines when caring for their new arch of artificial teeth. Patients must use water floss or super floss every day to ensure food particles do not accumulate under the device. Wearing a night guard is recommended for patients to avoid grinding their teeth when sleeping and damaging their prosthetic devices. Cleaning the prosthetic devices every six months is also essential, and the screws need replacements every few years. Adequate preventive maintenance will prevent many problems that can occur over the years with all on 4 dental implants.

Health Conditions

Health conditions like diabetes, periodontal disease, and smoking can ruin the patient’s body and increase the failure of implant placements to over 15 percent. Patients who smoke can expect to encounter all the all on 4 dental implant problems. Patients not experiencing any issues are excellent, but they must ensure they keep their diabetes controlled and prevent the development of periodontal disease that can destroy the teeth, gums, and jawbone. Patients with periodontal disease are recommended additional treatments before implant placements by Cabrera Dental Associates — Houston, Texas. The supplementary treatments include bone grafting to provide sufficient bone to secure the implants.

If you are considering the all on 4 dental implants placement, it helps if you visit dental implants in Houston, TX, to receive comprehensive information on the problems you can expect before considering your candidature for implant placement.