What Are Full Mouth Dental Implants?

Feb 01, 2023
_What Are Full Mouth Dental Implants

Missing an entire arch of teeth or several teeth poses countless challenges. Dental implants represent a unique solution for replacing missing teeth and can help replace one or several teeth. Unfortunately, if you have lost all or most of your teeth, the dentist South Houston suggests an innovative solution called full-mouth dental implants to restore all your missing teeth.

Full-mouth dental implants deliver a permanent solution for several teeth in a row or an entire arch, simultaneously preserving the jawbone and the gums. You don’t need to have individual implants for every missing tooth but will receive four to six implants per arch in your jaw to replace the natural missing tooth roots to provide stability to your artificial teeth. The South Houston dentist places an arch of replacement teeth over implants after you recover from the surgical procedure. Your replacement teeth might consist of a dental bridge or customized dentures.

You may receive different types of full-mouth implants, such as the all-on-4 or the all-on-6 dental implants, zirconia pieces, conventional removable dentures, or fixed dentures.

What to Expect During Your Visit for Full Mouth Dental Implants?

Expect the full mouth dental implants in Houston, TX, a procedure to complete in one sitting in an outpatient procedure after the provider takes x-rays of your jawbone to determine its strength. The implants customized from titanium are inserted in your jaw to function as missing tooth roots. After healing of your jawbone, your dentist customizes your dental prosthetic to give you natural-looking and feeling artificial teeth that remain with you for life.

During the initial six months after getting implants placed in your jaw, you might have to visit the providers several times until the implants have fully integrated with your jawbone. You must also maintain excellent dental hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth daily and getting dental exams and cleanings every six months from the dentist near you to ensure you don’t allow dental plaque to accumulate around the implants to result in implant failure.

Benefits of Full Mouth Dental Implants

Full-mouth dental implants are excellent and more reliable for replacing several missing teeth instead of alternative options because they provide many benefits. Some benefits are listed below for your reference if you consider this therapeutic option for your lost teeth.

Jawbone Preservation

The gums supporting your teeth derive support from the jawbone under them. Therefore, tooth loss results in jawbone deterioration, causing changes to your facial structure because the height of the jawbone reduces. In addition, jawbone deterioration causes shrinkage around the corners of your mouth and cheeks to make you appear older. Fortunately, full-mouth dental implants provide similar support as the natural tooth roots to stimulate bone within the jaw to stabilize the customized dental prosthetics. In addition, this restorative solution offers a permanent solution that remains with you for life, allowing you to eat, speak, and use your jaw without problems because they help prevent jawbone resorption.

Preserving Neighboring Teeth

When you lose your natural teeth, your remaining teeth begin drifting towards the vacant gaps to create misalignments with your bite. Full-mouth dental implants prevent the misalignment of teeth in your mouth to help keep your remaining teeth in position and prevent the need for orthodontic treatment to straighten them.

Highly Successful

Unlike alternative solutions like dentures and bridges, needing replacements after every five to 15 years, full-mouth dental implants remain with you for life. Dental implants derive strength from your jaw and gums that help them fuse with your body to become part of it, making them a permanent solution that doesn’t need replacements after every few years. If you maintain excellent dental hygiene, you can expect the implants to stay in your mouth for 25 to 30 years.

Natural Looking

Full-mouth dental implants have a natural look and feel, as mentioned earlier, and remain indistinguishable in your mouth after replacing all your teeth. They also help maintain your facial appearance after the restoration to give you a beautiful smile.

Ideal If You Have Several Missing Teeth

If you have several missing teeth in an arch, you might find getting individual dental implants for every tooth challenging. However, full-mouth dental implants provide a comfortable treatment process to replace the missing teeth receiving four or six implants in your jaw to hold an entire arch of teeth in the upper or lower jaw. In addition, implanted teeth are not susceptible to cavities, providing an excellent solution to substitute your lost natural teeth with artificial prosthetics using minimally invasive therapy.

If you are considering replacing your missing teeth with dental implants, Cabrera Dental Associates can help you by providing a minimally invasive procedure with full-mouth dental implants offering multiple benefits. Consult them to consider your eligibility for the treatment and get the implants as soon as possible before your jawbone starts deteriorating.