Children Dentistry: What to Know

Aug 01, 2020

A baby’s teeth start to develop from the moment she is born, although they become visible after about six months. As the baby grows, more teeth develop. By the time she is three, a full set of baby teeth is developed.

However, after a few years, these baby teeth start falling out to pave the way for permanent teeth. The question is, is it necessary to take proper care of baby teeth? After all, they will fall out, right? Well, if you think that taking care of baby teeth is not important, you are wrong. This article will help you learn why it essential, plus more information about pediatric dentistry.

Importance of Children Dentistry

When your kid learns the importance of brushing her teeth at an early age, she will uphold these good habits when she is old enough.

The same can be said about visits to the dentist. Most people who suffer from dental anxiety suffer from it because they did not get used to dentists at an early age. If a child grows knowing that dentists are friendly, they will never worry about these regular visits. That way, you will set your child on the right path for optimum oral health.

The Gem in Fluoride Treatment

If your child has a Houston pediatric dentist, she will be receiving fluoride treatment at the right time. Fluoride treatment helps prevent tooth decay as your kid grows. Tooth decay is a prevalent problem among children, and fluoride treatment can help prevent this problem. It’s an easy process, and your child will not undergo any pain.

The Pediatric Dentist Keeps an Eye on Your Child’s Teeth

As your child grows, other dental procedures become necessary. For example, the pediatric dentist will know when the right time for orthodontic treatment comes, as you might know, the earlier, the better. Your dentist will also know the right course of action to take, depending on your child’s specific needs.

Preventing Cavities

Did you know that it is possible for your child to grow cavity-free? It is challenging, but with the help of a pediatric dentist, it might be possible. He will teach your kid the proper brushing techniques and clean her teeth from time to time.

Fast Facts about Children Dentistry

Hopefully, these facts will help you think about getting your child a pediatric dentist in Houston, Texas.

Tooth Decay Is Prevalent During Childhood

Tooth decay is quite prevalent among children, and if left untreated, it can destroy your child’s teeth and impact her overall health. With the help of a dentist, these cavities can be prevented. Talk to us if you require children’s dentistry in Houston, TX.

Candies Are Not the Only Cause of Cavities

Many parents think that if their children do not take candies, their teeth will be safe. Yes, candies cause cavities, but that does not mean they are the only cause. Other foods such as bread, potato chips, cookies, and snacks cause cavities too. A pediatric dentist can help you know the foods your kid should avoid and what she can do to reduce the risk of these foods.

Your Child Should Not Go Past a Year before Her First Dental Visit

Most parents do not take their children to the dentist until they are at least two years, but that is wrong.A child can start seeing a dentist as early as six months and the latest 12 months.

Baby teeth should be taken proper care of as they help your child chew, which is good for nutrition, and they also play a role in the development of speech. Furthermore, the baby teeth help preserve space for permanent teeth.

Cavities Can Affect a Child’s Academic Performance

Cavities will affect more than your child’s oral health. It affects a child’s self-esteem, which in turn affects her confidence and academic performance. A child will find it difficult to speak in front of other children, which will make her reluctant to participate in most social activities. Your child can avoid this if she gets help from a pediatric dentist.

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