Explaining Emergency Dentistry and Its Functions

Nov 01, 2021

Have you experienced any dental issues causing extreme pain besides inconvenience from the stress and anxiety? If it was your initial experience, you might have wondered how to overcome the situation, especially if your regular dentist wasn’t available or had the time for emergency services. Unfortunately, dental emergencies are standard and can occur without warning. Fortunately, if you research emergency dentistry near you, finding dental professionals providing emergency services is not challenging, making it easier for you to overcome the issue you confront.

You may get into an accident or even find yourself in a situation where your teeth and oral cavity are injured but cannot get to your regular dentist to seek the treatment needed. You must not let the dental issue remains untreated in the mouth. The better option for you is to seek emergency dentistry in Houston, TX, to deal with the problem affecting you instead of enduring the discomfort and possibly inviting infections in your mouth.

What Precisely Is Emergency Dentistry?

You may visit your regular dentist for scheduled checkups and exams or any treatment you need. Unfortunately, many people visit their dentists without scheduling an appointment unexpectedly. Visits to dental offices without an appointment are standard, and dentists are aware you may encounter an emergency at any time.

Whenever you experience incredible pain in your mouth because of a displaced tooth stuck in your gums or a tooth accidentally knocked out, you must try to see your dentist immediately, regardless of the time. However, if your dentist is unavailable when the dental emergency occurs, it doesn’t mean you can ignore the dental issue because emergencies are often severe and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Emergency dentistry near Houston offers special services by professional dentists aiming to address the dental problems occurring without warning.

What Are Dental Emergencies?

Dental emergencies can vary according to people and the severity of their condition. For example, you may consider a minor painless chipped tooth a dental emergency and rush to emergency dentistry in 77075 because you value your aesthetic appearance. However, if the dental issue is manageable and causing no discomfort, there is no reason for you to seek emergency dentistry services.

On the other hand, if you have suffered a severe injury to your face or mouth needing medical attention, rushing to the dentist near Houston is entirely justified. You can call your regular dentist and explain the situation to determine whether you are indeed affected by a dental emergency. The call to your dentist helps you decide whether or not you need prompt dental attention from an emergency dentist or can wait for a couple of days to receive urgent dental care from the professional.

When to Seek Emergency Dentistry Services without Exceptions?


Toothaches often result from untreated cavities causing excruciating pain when eating certain foods and drinks. You may even develop fever, dental abscesses, and swelling in your face and cheeks. The pain is an indication that the infection has spread your tooth roots, making them vulnerable to further damage. Such situations are better not ignored because they are life-threatening. Diseases from deep decay in your mouth eventually spread to your bloodstream to cause various health complications. You must get the issue treated from the emergency dentistry clinic near you to overcome the pain and control the infection.

The dental professional at the facility will likely drain any dental abscess and provide painkillers and antibiotics to help alleviate the pain you experience. If necessary, they may even perform root canal treatment to eradicate the infection from your mouth. Therefore if you have an untreated cavity in your mouth which develops into a severe toothache, you need help from emergency dentistry without wasting time.

Knocked-out Tooth

Having a knocked-out tooth is not a pleasant experience because besides causing pain and bleeding, it also leaves you with a gap between your teeth that needs filling. You must pick up the knocked-out tooth holding it by the crown, clean the tooth rinsing it with water, and rush to emergency dentistry right away if you want the dentist to reattach your tooth instead of searching for artificial replacements. Remember, time is of the essence when you are dealing with a knocked-out tooth. You must get to the emergency dentist within 30 minutes with the tooth maintained in pristine condition for them to restore it back in your mouth.

Dental emergencies are notorious for occurring late in the evening or during holidays. You can call your dentist to inquire whether they offer emergency dentistry services at odd hours. However, remember the dentist in Houston is always available to deal with any dental emergency affecting you. A call to the professional will help you overcome the dental issue you have.