How to Maintain Oral Hygiene When You Travel

Travelling is very exciting for everyone as there’s enthusiasm to explore a new place and go on a new adventure. But your travelling should never come in way of maintaining your dental care. Here’s a look at some tips that will help in taking care of your dental health while travelling:

Don’t Put Off Appointments

If you need a dental care procedure, you must get it done before you go on your trip. Otherwise you can experience discomfort which can hinder your ability to enjoy your vacation. Make sure to schedule the dental appointments before you leave for the trip. You will be glad that you took care of the dental business before departing the trip.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

There’s always a risk that something can happen to your dental health during the vacation. Thus, it’s better to be prepared for the emergencies. You must bring along your dental insurance card and a list of your home dental contacts so that you can call them in case of an emergency.

Buy a Toothbrush for Travel

It is recommended to buy a toothbrush that you use only while travelling so that your brush at home remains unharmed. Also, you should replace the toothbrush after each trip as it will get exposed to germs when you travel says the dentist in Houston.

Clean Your Toothbrush Holder While Travelling

While travelling, we store damp toothbrush in the toothbrush holder which creates ideal environment for bacteria to grow. Therefore, you need to clean them both.

– Rinse

Rinse the toothbrush holder thoroughly under hot water so residue is removed.

– Clean

Fill a cup with antibacterial mouthwash and place your brush in it for 30 seconds pulling it out and rinsing in cold water. Do the same with your holder.

– Dry

Dry the brush and holder as much as possible. You can consider buying a holder with venting holes which will enable quick drying.

Bring Backup

You must keep a sugar-free gum with yourself so that if you are not able to brush your teeth, the gum will keep your mouth fresh.