Professional Teeth Cleaning: Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Put It Off

Apr 21, 2018

We would all like to think that we can take care of our oral health on our own, but is that really the case? Tell yourself honestly how many times you have flossed this week. Even if you floss and brush regularly, do you think you are reaching all of the cracks and crevices where bacteria can grow? The truth is, a good professional teeth cleaning from your dentist is necessary if you want to really protect yourself from tooth decay.

Here are three reasons you shouldn’t put it off:


Cavities form in those dark crevices of your teeth. Once a cavity forms, it will only continue to grow. Your dentist can prevent cavities with a professional cleaning, but what is more, they can also catch cavities before they grow into a bigger problem.

Gum Disease

Many people don’t even realize that they have gum disease until it reaches advanced stages. It can be difficult to tell. So your gums are bleeding a little when you brush or floss, you might think that’s normal. There’s also a chance that it can be from gum disease in its earlier stages.

Total Oral Health

In addition to keeping your teeth and gums healthy, your dentist can help you prevent all kinds of dangerous mouth problems. Identifying any decay and clearing out plaque and bacteria is something that your dentist will do during a professional cleaning. You can trust that your mouth is completely clean and that you are in good hands when it comes to oral care with your dentist.

If you are interested in a professional dental cleaning, then please give us a call or stop by the office today!