What Is a Tooth Extraction?

Apr 01, 2022

Tooth extraction refers to the complete removal of one or several teeth from the mouth. Dentists and oral surgeons generally perform tooth extractions on adults. However, primary teeth are removable from a child’s mouth without intervention from a dentist because they loosen to make way for the permanent teeth.

Why Are Teeth Removed?

Removal of permanent teeth becomes a requirement for many reasons. Some of the most common are mentioned below for your reference:

  • Teeth infected by excessive decay, making them challenging to treat with fillings or even root canals or crowns, and periodontal disease are often recommended extractions by tooth extraction Houston, TX.
  • Extractions are also required for teeth broken or damaged due to injury or trauma and beyond repair.
  • Dental abscesses developing on the gums and weakening the tooth also require extractions.
  • Malocclusion or crowding causing problems in the mouth prompt recommendations for tooth removal from dentists.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth remaining below the gum line and failing to emerge also recommended extractions by dentists.

Dentists don’t recommend tooth extractions because you have them in your mouth. The primary reasons for the recommendation are infections or injuries that might leave you with a broken tooth below the gum line encouraging bacteria in your mouth to penetrate the tooth and create additional damage. Except for impacted wisdom teeth, dentists make every effort possible to save your tooth and only recommend removal as a last resort. Therefore if you have a recommendation from the dentist in Houston, TX, for tooth removal, accept the suggestion as beneficial for your oral and overall health.

How to Prepare for Tooth Extraction?

The first step when preparing for tooth extraction is to accept your situation and believe you have an infected or severely damaged tooth in your mouth that, unless removed, will cause unnecessary complications making expensive dental treatments necessary.

You can discuss the tooth removal process with the dentist to understand what kind of procedure you need and how much time you must stay away from work or school. Visible tooth extractions permit you to begin your regular activities in about a week. However, if you must undergo a surgical extraction for an impacted tooth, you require longer to recover, although you can begin moving around in a couple of days.

Your preparation for the removal must also include the type of foods you can have or avoid and inquiries on how to care for your dental hygiene after the removal. The Houston dentist provides a complete list of instructions on managing your recovery. In addition, you also receive information on how to prepare for your tooth removal procedure.

Dentists recommend that you stop having certain medications like blood thinners at least ten days before the procedure because the presence of these medications in the blood can cause severe bleeding. If you are scheduled for a surgical procedure, dentists also provide information on the type of anesthesia you will receive and advice that you fast for at least six to eight hours before you arrive at their office for a tooth removal. You must follow the dentist’s instructions to the word, especially if you are receiving intravenous or general anesthesia. You also help yourself by having someone around to drive you to the dental office and back because the anesthesia leaves you drowsy.

Before proceeding with your procedure, ensure that you stock your pantry with plenty of soft foods like yogurt, Jell-O, applesauce, et cetera that don’t require much chewing after tooth removal. Please do not assume you can have crunchy and hard foods that you favor for at least a week after surgical tooth removal. Complex foods can dislodge the blood clot at the extraction site to cause a dry socket, an excruciating condition requiring additional treatments from dentists.

Moving around immediately after getting a tooth removed is also detrimental to the blood clot in the tooth socket. Therefore you must prepare to rest for at least 24 hours or more. Besides the soft foods you purchase, make arrangements for extra pillows to prop your head when lying down and have sufficient reading materials or games to keep you entertained.

Tooth removal is a standard procedure among adults for various reasons. If you need them for any reason accepting that you have a problem in your mouth that needs elimination helps you prepare adequately for the procedure besides using the tips mentioned in this article for your assistance.

If you are undergoing the tooth extraction procedure from Cabrera Dental Associates, rest assured you will receive comprehensive instructions on preparing and recovering from the tooth removal procedure.