What to expect during teeth cleaning and why you should not shy away from it

Apr 01, 2021
What to expect during teeth cleaning and why you should not shy away from it

Teeth cleaning are important and that is why you brush your teeth every morning and before you go to bed. However, there are the teeth cleaning done by a dentist, which is even more important because it means that your regular at home cleaning is not good enough. Oral hygiene is important because food debris especially those that are hidden beyond the reach of the ordinary brush are the source of many diseases including tooth decay and gum diseases. In addition, the stain that cannot be corrected from the regular brushing are the ones that deny you the perfect smile that comes with sparkling bright teeth.

Nevertheless, people fear a dentist appointment for cleaning. Is there a reason to fear these appointments? The only way to know is by knowing the procedure and the process through which one is taken through during the procedure. Here is what you should expect for the visit and why you should not fear the regular dentists cleaning and keep up with your scheduled.

You take a physical exam

The first stage of the procedure is taking a physical examination. A dental hygienist who specialized in ensuring that your teeth are clean does most of the teeth cleaning. The first stage of the process is an assessment of the mouths physical condition. Using a small mirror, the dental hygienist will look around your mouth in search of signs of inflamed gums or any other issues that maybe of concern. If there are issues, then the hygienist will inform the dentist for further observation and possible treatment.

Removable of plaque and tartar

The dental hygienist will then proceed to the plaque and tartar removal. The process involves using a mirror and scaler to scrap off the plaque and the tartar that may be around the areas of the gum in the teeth and between the teeth. The hygienist may focus on a particular spot for longer if there are more of these unwanted things. Although regular brushing and flossing prevents the clogging of these tartars, once they are clogged a dental hygienist can only remove them.

Gritty toothpaste cleaning

Once the teeth are rid of the plaque and tartar, the hygienist will brush your teeth for you using a powerful electric brush. This is where the grinding noise comes from. The process is painless and safe. It also does a good work in removing any plaque and tartar that might have been missed. This form of cleaning is recommended to be done twice a day using the electric toothbrush and the toothpaste.

Expert flossing and rinsing

The hygienist will do the flossing for you as well as the rinsing. A professional does this procedure. Expect the flossing to be thorough and more intense compared to the flossing that you do at home. The rinsing will remove any debris that would have remained.

Fluoride treatment

Once all this are done, then the last stage of the process begins which is fluoride treatment. The treatment is employed as a protectant of the teeth and prevents cavities. This protection lasts for several months and ensures that the teeth remain in the right condition over the next several months. It is a foamy gel that comes in various flavors and it is left on your teeth for one minute after application. The fluoride varnish will also be applied on the teeth using a small brush.

The process of cleaning teeth is painless at all levels. It is not invasive even as it is very important. Having your regular teeth cleaning is not an option but mandatory.

Where to get your teeth cleaned

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